Tours and Sightseeing

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Mystery Tours

“Film, Fashion & Fine Arts”

Tour the stately Magnolia Mansion where the classic 1999 movie Cookies Fortune was filmed, starring Patricia Neal, Glen Close, Juliann, Moore, Liv Tyler, Charles Dutton, Nessie Nash & more! Engage in the fashionable splendor of an antebellum rebellion of its time, Burton Place; Absorb the artistic wonder with a collection of paintings created by 19th century artist and ancestral Holly Springs native, Kate Freeman Clark.

Mystery Tours

Eccentric, Eclectic & Everything Else

Whether your flavor is the Rock & Roll hits of the Elvis Presley, or the thundering, dirt stomping Hill Country Blues of “R. L. Burnside”, visit Holly Springs to meet and greet one of the most unconventional music enthusiasts west of Memphis, “Mr. David “Fox” Caldwell – Aikie Pro Record Shop”; You can’t leave without stopping by the home of one of the largest collections of Civil War memorabilia in the Mississippi, with over 40,000 extensive artifacts – The Marshall County Historical Museum

Outdoor Adventures

“Hills, Hikes, & Hummingbirds”

Trudge the rolling hills of Mississippi beginning in the Holly Springs National Forest, with over 155,000 acres of camping, hunting, fishing, swimming, your family reunion and more at the Chewalla Lake Recreation Area and Wall Doxey State Park; Reconnect with nature, while enjoying bird watching, Audubon naturalist programs, not to mention a beautifully restored Antebellum home with slave quarters, chimney swifts, and beautiful natural plants and flowers at the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center and Davis Home, just 5 miles outside the city limits.


Educational Tours/Student Travel

Over 175 years of History

Heighten your students’ intellect with “Cessions, Commerce, Crusades , Civil War & Civil Rights.  Visit the Marshall County Historical Museum and learn about the Chickasaw Indians, the first inhabitants of this land called Marshall County and the History of Holly Springs.  “Encounter a tale of unselfish love while you visit the Yellow Fever Martyrs Church & Museum where 6 catholic nuns and a priest gave their lives in caring for Yellow Fever “Yellow Jack” victims in 1878, and of course, inspiration & enrichment is key as your students, family and friends  share in the contributions of African Americans and Ancestors,  while absorbing history, art, culture at the commemorating gallery, Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum,  honoring the life and legacy of internationally known ” Ida B. Wells-Barnett”.